• "UFS" hose reels are recommended for use in fixed installations for various Premises and also as an equipment to the fire engines. It is an equipment consisting of the reel, water inlet pipe, shut off nozzle, stop valve with hose reel tubing and provides a most effective fire fighting facility.


  • The hose reel consist of following components :
    a) Hub
    b) Two sides
  • The epoxy powder coating of 50 to 90 micron thickness provides inner & outer surface of the sides.
  • Swinging In case of type A hose reel swivel joints(s) shall be incorporated in the construction to enable the users to swing the hose reel by 180 degrees while pulling the hose in either direction.
  • Reel Action - In case of both type A & B hose reels it shall be possible to easily and smoothly unwind the hose by pulling the hose end having nozzle fitted to it. Also shall be easy to wind up the hose when done with.


Hose reel length (mtr)

30 mtr

Hose reel out side dia (mm)

25 mm

Hose reel bore

20 mm

Dia of hub (mm)

200 mm

Width of hub (mm)

230 mm

Dia of sides (mm)

500 mm

Wall bracket length (mm)

200 mm

Centre distance of wall bracket holes Horizontal / Vertical (mm)

180 / 140 mm

Inlet connection stop valve dia (mm)

20 mm

Range of jet flow

24 ltr/minute

Range of jet throw

6 mtr